24 Hour Live-in Care

live in companionsIn the past, assisted living facilities and nursing homes were viewed as the only choice for elders who needed around-the-clock care. We are proud to offer an alternative.

24-hour live-in companions offer a high level of care, homemaking and personal assistance on an uninterrupted basis.

Our team of caregivers provides continuous monitoring and coordination of activities of daily living so seniors can remain comfortable and secure in familiar surroundings. Seniors who choose live-in care will maintain the ability to live the life they choose.

We provide a wide range of services.

  • Homemaking such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and simple household chore
  • Exercise reminders
  • Monitoring medication schedules
  • Companionship
  • Errands and transportation to doctor’s appointments and recreational activities
  • Evening and nighttime monitoring

24 hour live-in care is for people requiring full time assistance or protective oversight.

Having a professional caregiver stay in the home to provide care is the perfect solution. At Caring Hearts of Rochester we provide assistance to couples as well as those living alone. Live-in care for a couple can be half the cost of a nursing home. Care can be temporary for recovery from an illness or permanent to allow someone to live at home and not go to a nursing home. We can customize a schedule to include some days of hourly service and some days of 24 hour live-in service, so we keep the cost low and be there when you need us.

Call Caring Hearts of Rochester, 585-245-0134, today if you need help with the following challenges:

  • Family member doesn’t want to go into a nursing home
  • Family member wants to come out of a nursing home to live at home
  • Hospital cannot accommodate the one on one care needed
  • Hospital says the family member needs 24 hour care in order to be discharged
  • Cost of a nursing home is more expensive than at-home-care services
  • Family caregiver has an upcoming vacation or business trip and needs a temporary home health aide
  • Primary caregiver is in hospital and needs a bedside caregiver for oversight
  • Family is not local and cannot provide care near Rochester
  • Family Member is wandering and cannot be left alone. i.e.; dementia, Alzheimer’s
  • Family Member is a fall risk and cannot be left alone
  • Recent surgery or trauma and cannot care for self