Is Your Aging Adult a Ninja at Getting out of the House?

Caregiver Pittsford NY-Some aging adults are really good at getting out of the house when you least expect them to do so. You’ve tried the simple solutions, but if they aren’t working, what can you do now?

Making Air Travel Easier When Your Dad Has Dementia

Home Care Henrietta NY-Traveling with a parent who has dementia is tricky. Being fidgety is par for the course with diseases like Alzheimer’s. Some cannot process information quickly, which can raise suspicion with security. The rushed atmosphere may be overwhelming to your dad.

Is There Anything You Can Do for an Elderly Loved One Who Is Prone to Wandering?

Home Care Services Rochester NY-It can be terrifying to realize that your loved one has wandered away. Here are some specific steps you can take in order to help reduce the risk of your loved one wandering.

Managing Care for a Loved One Diagnosed with Dementia

Homecare Rochester NY-Finding out that your elderly loved one is dealing with dementia can throw you and other family members for a tailspin. Here are some concrete steps you can take to help yourself and other caregivers in the family.