Why Is Your Health as a Caregiver Important?

Home Care Rochester NY-Many caregivers make the mistake of ignoring their own health in favor of someone else’s. But why is that a big problem?

Meaningful Modifications You Can Make to Your Parent’s Home to Help Them Handle Low Vision

Home Care Rochester NY-Low vision is one of the most common challenges of older age, but it can also be one of the most negatively impactful to your elderly loved one’s quality of life if they do not manage it properly.

5 Ways an Adult Child can Help their Elderly Parents during the Winter

Home Care in Rochester, NY The white days of winter are not far off and there are a variety of things that a person will have to do in preparation for this time of year. For the adult children of an elderly person, doing all they can to help their parent is a top concern, […]

Home Care in Rochester, NY: Insomnia in Seniors

You are lying awake at night yet again. You can hear the water drip, the clock tick, the house settles and the trees scratch the outside of the house. You can’t sleep as the list of things you need to do keep on rolling through your head. You are so tired, and yet your eyes […]