Five Hazards to Watch for to Keep Your Parent Safe When Outside

Homecare Canandaigua NY-Many falls occur in daylight, and more than 50 percent of those falls happen outside. Take steps to eliminate potential hazards in and around your parent’s home to lower the risk of an outdoor fall.

Preparing Your Senior Loved One for a Cancer Screening Appointment

Senior Care Fairport NY-Getting screened for cancer can be an intimidating prospect, but it is also one of the most important steps that your senior parent can take to keep them fully informed about their health and their options for how to manage any serious health complications that might occur.

The Value of Support Groups for Caregivers

Home Care Webster NY-If you are a family caregiver, getting involved in a support group can be one of the best decisions that you make for yourself and for your aging loved one.

What Rights Does Someone with Advanced Alzheimer’s Have When It Comes to Care?

Home Health Care Greece NY-Important questions arise when a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia. If you don’t explore these questions you may not understand what to expect as the disease progresses.

That Last Cup of Coffee Could Actually Lead Dad Back to the Hospital

Home Care Services Pittsford NY-March is National Caffeine Awareness Month and his coffee consumption can actually be interfering with his ability to recover and may land him right back in the hospital. That’s not somewhere he wants to go.

Managing Care for a Loved One Diagnosed with Dementia

Homecare Rochester NY-Finding out that your elderly loved one is dealing with dementia can throw you and other family members for a tailspin. Here are some concrete steps you can take to help yourself and other caregivers in the family.

The Value of Active Listening

Caregiver Henrietta NY-In your role as a family caregiver you will need to use a wide variety of tools and skills to ensure that you can give your parent the level of care, support, and assistance that they need to give them the quality of life that they deserve. One of the most important is effective listening.

Tips for Helping an Elderly Adult Control Their High Blood Pressure

Home Health Care Brighton NY-In your role as a family caregiver it is your responsibility to help your senior manage their health conditions and issues in the way that is right for them. Hypertension is a fairly common health complication for adults.

Preventing Falls for an Elderly Loved One Who Has Difficulty Concentrating

Home Care Services Penfield NY-Concentration has a lot more to do with keeping your elderly loved one from falling than you might think. If she’s having trouble concentrating, it’s important to try to get a handle on the problem.

What Features Are Most Helpful for Your Elderly Loved One in a Handheld Showerhead?

Home Care Fairport NY-Having a handheld showerhead in your loved one’s bathroom can make bathing so much easier for her. If you’re helping her, it can make life easier for you, too.