U.S. Government Cracks Down on Scammers Who Target Elders

Elder Care Greece NY-To keep scammers from stealing money from elderly men and women, the government is cracking down. Here are some of the ways the government is changing rules to help prevent financial fraud.

Helping Your Parent Survive Allergy Season

Elder Care in Greece NY: Seasonal allergies can be a real headache—literally and figuratively—for anyone who suffers from them. But they can be especially problematic for the elderly.

Elder Care Recipes: Enjoy a Low Fat Treat on Applesauce Cake Day

Elder Care in Greece, NY Ensuring your aging parents stay healthy is an important part of your elder care plan, but that does not mean you have to completely eliminate treats from their diet. June 4 is Applesauce Cake Day, the perfect chance for you to indulge your senior loved ones with a deliciously moist […]

October is the Month to Love Spinach!

Elder Care in Greece, NY – A Diet Rich in Vegetables like Spinach is Vital to Senior Health In October, try to eat more spinach. Not only is it a leafy green that your senior parent should have more of, but it’s delicious! Here are some ways you can enjoy spinach, and some facts you might not […]

Providing Elder Care for a Spouse in Greece, NY: How it Can Strengthen the Bond

Being a caregiver for a spouse may seem overwhelming and stressful at times. Many emotions, such as anger, depression, resentment, and hopelessness, can come into play. Making the choice of how you will spend the time you have left will make the difference. Providing elder care for a spouse can strengthen the bond if you […]