Coffee Consumption and Elderly Adults

Elder Care Pittsford NY-The good news is that family caregivers that might be concerned about their elderly relative’s coffee habits can get some answers. There’s been a lot of research done into whether or not coffee is good for the body and mind, especially for elderly people.

Elders Can Celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month With These 5 Tips

Elder Care in Pittsford NY: Since April is Jazz Appreciation Month, also known as JAM, it is the perfect time to dust off those old records and enjoy them together.

Plan a Great Mother’s Day Out as Part of Positive Senior Care

Elder Care in Pittsford, NY When Tara’s mother was 82 years old, it became clear that she was having difficulty tending to her own basic care at home. Tara didn’t live all that far away from her mother, so she began taking care of her on a regular basis. In time, though, it became clear […]

What Can Be Done when Family Members Can’t Agree on Elder Care?

Elder Care in Pittsford, NY – The Elderly Loved One’s Needs Come Before Family Disagreements Larry and his sister Emily used to get along when they were children. Larry was four years older than his sister and that had a significant factor on how well they got along. Now that they are adults, they have […]

A Call to Action: When You Know Elder Care is Needed in Pittsford, NY

There are some things that people never really forget. Most people would be able to tell you exactly where they were when they heard the Towers came down. The Space Shuttle Challenger explosion: the same thing. When you know that elder care is needed, it might be a singular moment that causes you to take […]

Elder Care in Pittsford, NY: Hair Care

Women love to have lovely looking hair. It’s funny how women with straight hair always wanted it curly and women with curly hair always wished it was straight. Women love to express their personality with their hairstyle. Most women, aging or not, want to look their best. It’s an emotional boost to have hair and […]