Helpful Tips for Making Sure Your Parent Avoids the Flu

Elderly Care Fairport NY-It’s flu season. Per the CDC, the 2016/2017 flu season found the virus at its worst from January through March. Here are tips you can use to help your parent to avoid contracting the flu.

Elderly Care Tips: Stocking the Freezer to Prepare for Fall

Elderly Care in Fairport, NY Fall is finally here, and while that means a break from the oppressive temperatures, high humidity, and intense sunlight of the summer season, it also means busier schedules, cooler temperatures, and that cozy feeling of wanting to cuddle up and nest in your home with your loved ones. This can […]

Health Care Tips for Elders Receiving Senior Care

Elderly Care in Fairport, NY As our parents and loved ones continue to age, reaching the “above 65” age group, taking care of themselves is much more critical than it was in their younger days. Their bodies are becoming weaker with less muscle mass and bone density, making the people we once knew as being […]