How Can You Make Life Easier for a Senior Who Has Arthritis?

Elderly Care Rochester NY-Arthritis can really slow your senior down. Using some of these tips can help her to keep going, even on the bad days.

Modifying Your Parent’s Care to Address Aphasia

Here are some of the ways that you can make communication easier and more effective with a person who is dealing with aphasia.

Elderly Care and Lawn Clean Up in Rochester, NY

Spring is right around corner and that means that it’s about time for any homeowner that has property to think about cleaning up the lawn. For many elderly individuals, they hire a professional lawn crew to clean up the winter debris, including sticks, dirt and salt from the roads, and more. For others, lawn clean […]

Making the Transition to Elderly Care in Rochester, NY

For most of her life, Mildred was an independent woman. Even when she met the man of her dreams when she was nineteen, she was always determined to be strong and as independent as she could be, given marriage and all of the emotional responsibilities that went along with it. Five years after she lost […]

Communication is Paramount to Quality Elderly Care in Rochester, NY

Whether you plan on taking care of an aging loved one, such as your mother or father, or you are going to hire professional elder care services, it’s important to remember that communication is vital. If you don’t communicate what your parent needs to a professional elder care provider or you are unable to talk […]