Chronic Conditions Don’t Have to Hinder Senior Independence

Senior Care Greece NY-Even though the risk of chronic disease and disability does increase with age, it doesn’t mean that elderly adults have to automatically sacrifice their independence. With an effective support group and close medical treatment, seniors can enjoy living in their own homes for many years to come.

Senior Care Tips: Creating a Family Activity Advent Calendar

Senior Care in Greece, NY An advent calendar is a treasured tradition for many families during the holiday season, and this year you can use this daily reminder of the joy of the holidays to encourage you to get more fun, bonding, and activity into your senior care journey with your parents. Traditional advent calendars […]

Successful Communication with Aging Parents through a Multi-Step Approach

Senior Care in Greece, NY – One Family’s Story of Approaching Difficult Subjects with a Strong-willed Senior Parent Anna’s relationship with her mother was pretty contentious most of the time. Anna found her mother, Leonora, to be critical and very controlling. Lately, Anna noticed her mom was becoming increasingly frail. This often overshadowed the person who was […]

Senior Care in Greece, NY: Learning to Use a Wheelchair

If your parent has recently had their mobility decline, whether they suffered a fall, have arthritis or other problems, they may have need of a wheelchair. The sad fact is a lot of people would prefer to just hobble around, sometimes with a cane, or even stay home instead of get a wheelchair. Your aging […]

Senior Care in Greece, NY: World Gratitude Day

This observance started back in 1965 when attendees of an International East-West United Nations meeting in Hawaii pledged to celebrate gratitude the next September 21st in their respective home countries. Over their Thanksgiving dinner, they felt the need for more gratitude in the world. On this day of gratitude being celebrated around the world, people […]