My Elderly Father Won’t Use Mobility Aides

Senior Care Penfield NY-Many elderly adults need to use mobility aides such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs. However, far too many seniors that might benefit from using them refuse to do so.

The Importance of Weather Radios and Alerts for Seniors

Senior Care in Penfield NY: Summer is here and with warmer temperatures also comes the threat of severe weather in the way of severe heat, thunderstorms, heavy winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

Senior Care Fun: Relaxing with Your Loved Ones on Lazy Day

Senior Care in Penfield, NY You know that physical and mental activity are critical elements of keeping your aging loved ones healthy, and you spend a considerable amount of time finding creative and interesting ways to keep these types of stimulation a regular part of your senior care plan. On August 10, remind yourself that […]

How Separating from a Pet Can Impact Senior Care in Penfield, NY

As our elderly loved ones age, their health begins to decline. Even those who are healthy and energetic right now, there will come a point when they won’t be able to perform the everyday functions that they once did. Unfortunately, for elders who own pets, family members are often faced with the decision whether or […]