How Can You Make a Talk about Incontinence a Successful One?

Senior Care Rochester NY-Sometimes your senior might not want to talk about incontinence because it’s embarrassing. Regardless of why she doesn’t want to talk, it might be up to you to get the conversation rolling.

What Are the Benefits of Meditation for Your Senior?

Senior Care Rochester NY-Meditation is something that your senior may not have ever tried before but it can provide her with a variety of different benefits. Everyone is different, of course, so your senior may find that she loves meditating or that it’s just not for her.

5 Ways to Ensure Proper Medical Care for an Aging Relative

Senior Care in Rochester, NY One of the most important aspects of elderly care is making sure the aging population gets the right medical attention. It’s not always obvious how to do this besides an infrequent check-in, so here are several ideas for ensuring proper medical care for the ones you love. 1. Go to […]

The #1 Way to Help a Senior Overcome Loneliness

Senior Care in Rochester, NY – Finding an Enjoyable Activity is Good Way to Avoid Feelings of Sadness One of the most common impressions that people have of elderly individuals who rely on senior care is that they are sad, depressed, and lonely. While depression is certainly a possibility among seniors, especially those with limited mobility […]

International Quality of Life Month: Senior Care Ideas in Rochester, NY

It’s the New Year and that means that there are many wonderful new opportunities that are laid out before us. When you’re providing senior care for someone, you want to make sure that they are not only healthy and safe, but also that their quality of life is high as well. It’s International Quality of […]

Senior Care in Rochester, NY: Americans Love to Grill!

It’s true, Americans do love to grill! And what better time to celebrate the love of the grill than in July, which is National grilling month? Statistics show that 75% of Americans own at least one; of the families that own at least one, many of them actually own two or more! Now that’s a […]